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Farmers Support Group

Farmers Support Group works with industrial hemp farmers and select processors to facilitate the sale of hemp biomass and converting it into highly refined and valuable oils and isolates.

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Herb-a-lites offers a variety of raw hemp products for retails and wholesale customers which are extremely affordable and offers users a variety of ways to add cannabinoid-rich items into their diets.

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Hemp Block Company

The Hemp BlockCompany offers professional and DIY builders materials made from hemp that can be used in their building projects.

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The Hemp Marketplace

The Hemp Marketplace is the largest online platform of its kind in the world for RAW and processed hemp products.

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Equipment Financing

Looking for affordable financing for large equipment purchases? This loan program includes traditional farming and hemp processing equipment.

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Abraham Paiss & Assoc.

Marketing and Public Relations services for the hemp industry with an emphasis on sustainable solutions.

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